Breaking Down Statistics on False Allegations of Sexual Assault

Apparently, according to president Trump (who is also a sexual assault perpetrator…) it is “a very scary time for young men in America” because women might make false allegations against them. I don’t think men have anything to worry about as long as they don’t sexually assault women. But in case that isn’t convincing enough, let me break down the facts for you – please share and pass on this knowledge.

First of all, over 95% of victims of sexual assault don’t even report it to authorities (because of fear of negative reactions, like victim blaming, judgment, or the pain of reliving their trauma by recalling their assault, just like Dr. Ford suffered through). So, only 5% of victims ACTUALLY report and make allegations. Of those MERE FIVE PERCENT, only 5-10% of those are false reports. That means 5-10% of the 5% that are reported, which equals .005%. Of all the sexual assault that has occurred, ONLY .005% of perpetrators (usually men) face false allegations (citation: Belknap, 2010). While on the other hand, more than 1 in 5 women (OVER 20%) are victims to sexual assault.

So please explain to me how this is a scarier time for men than women, when we live in a time that perpetrators are getting elected as president and voted onto our supreme court? Why are we awarding them more power? We need to STOP VICTIM BLAMING and to HOLD 👏🏽 PERPETRATORS 👏🏽 ACCOUNTABLE. 👏🏽

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