Brown In Detroit

Brown In Detroit aims to be a platform for South Asians in the Metro-Detroit area to share their stories, and a network for us to connect our experiences. The South Asian community, both in Detroit and worldwide, is full of unique individuals that often do not get the space to shed a light on their lives. We feel it is important, to not only give our community a spotlight, but also to promote and embrace it. Brown In Detroit hopes to work with various creatives, artists, bloggers, singers, dancers, models, business owners, and others in order to create a cohesive network in which we can all provide proactive support to each other in our endeavors. In doing so, we also hope to highlight marginalized individuals, and become a forum for tackling social issues that are often avoided in discussion in our community. Finally, while Brown In Detroit will keep the Detroit namesake to bring a positive light to an incredible city, we hope to expand our medium and our reach to other U.S. cities and even South Asia. We firmly believe that using a collective voice is the key to making a lasting impact.

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On The Record: With a growing platform, we feel an increasing responsibility to do more than we have been for you all and this vast community! In that light, we are launching a collective series on this page under the name “On The Record.” This will comprise of any and all stories of assault, abuse, trauma, mental health, sexuality, gender identity, and more topics that people may view as taboo or feel uncomfortable talking about. People will be able to submit their stories either publicly or anonymously. The naming of the series is to give it a collective and inclusive feel under the Brown In Detroit name. In late January we will have a full week of On The Record posts, however this is an ongoing series and you are all welcome to reach out about doing a story, starting now

If you are interested in collaborating, sharing your story, being featured on the page, please email us at or ! You can also fill out this form; if you would like to protect your identity, there is an option to submit anonymously. We are always looking for ways to connect with the community.

— The Brown In Detroit Team

Tahmid Chowdhury
Sujena Begum
Anurima Kumar
Zuni Jilani
Ibraheem Nadeem
Sabrina Ghazi
Diviyaj Basnyat

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